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Vintage moroccan rugs from beni ourain, azilal...!

Beautiful Moroccan rugs.

Authentic beni ourain rugs arent many left around nowadays. These kind of rugs have different motifs and designs such as argyle style rugs but most of them have two colors in common which are white and black. These argyle moroccan berber rugs are handwoven with 100% pure wool. Berbers use these rugs for many purposes, berbers found warmth in these rugs for thausands of years ago, when it snows for instance rugs used as blankets. Berbers give these vintage rugs as a gift to honor new weds. if you love the look of these beautiful, monochromatic tribal rugs, there's something here for you ? no matter your price point either vintage or recently handwoven in moroccan berber villages. In most cases these rugs tend to be a bit pricier, but you'll have the satisfaction of knowing your rug is truly one of a kind. These will have a lot more variety and texture to them, which is either a good or a bad thing, depending on your vacuum cleaner and how many cats you own. Get the best of moroccan rugs at a wholesale prices.


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Things about moroccan rugs

Another tribe who produced related white-ground rugs are the Ait Seghrouchène, Meghraoua, Tahla... Their present-day settlement region is divided into three sections: one to the west of the northwestern range of the Beni Ouarain; another to the southwest, between the Beni Alaham and the Ait Youssi; and a third north of the Ait Youssi, south of Taza. Structurally, Moroccan argyle rugs are broadly related to those of the Beni Ouarain, though the handle tends to be somewhat firmer. Like the Beni Ouarain, they also used the Berber knot over three warps; along the sides it is usual to find knots which protrude from the back of the rug. In general, the Ait Seghrouchène tend to weave rugs with a lattice of diamonds and inner fields densely covered with filler motifs, similar to the Ait Youssi style

beni ourain rugs

Beautiful moroccan rugs from beni ourain
We do handpick our own rugs from different berber villages

Moroccan Kilim rugs

Moroccan kilim rugs

A great selection of large & small vintage kilims, all handwoven.

Azilal moroccan rugs

Simple carpet tool
Using old handmade machine to create amzing & astonishing berber carpets, all handwoven & handmade by moroccan berber women.